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Event Sequence Recorder is a powerful diagnostic tool useful during Plant start up or alarm related Plant shut down. Core technologies Event Sequence Recorder ESR-100 besides recording the sequence of relay trippings also functions as a Digital Status input logger. Its quick connect/ disconnect architecture makes it an ideal tool for deployment in different areas of the process plant with ease and speed. Core Technologies Event Sequence Recorder ESR-100 is an intelligent Micro-Processor Based standalone Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) designed to operate under a SCADA system using MOD-BUS protocol or under Core Technologies proprietary software DOMINO on any Personal Computer with MS-Windows ® 98, 2000, XP operating system. 
ESR 100 interfaces with GPS Radio Clock and generates time records with 1.0 mS resolution. Constructed in NEMA standard 19” Rack mountable enclosure with Plug-in modules. ESR-100 offers ease of maintenance and flexibility of configuration. The external relay contacts are processed in groups of 16 with isolation, protection and filtering. Each ESR-100 has a 4 Bit address on multi-drop RS-485 serial communication link providing expansion capability up to 2048 Binary points (Relay Contacts). 
ESR-100 uses unique memory management architecture to give data storage capability for unlimited member of events, with no blank periods. Smaller version with built-in printer for 16, 32 or 64 Binary points are also available.



  • Operates on DC or AC 240 Volts with 4KV isolation.
  • Expandable from 128 inputs to 2048 inputs in step of 128.
  • Timing resolution 1.0 m Sec.
  • Sequence record length programmable 10, 20, 50, 100 Sec.
  • Programmable de-bounce from 50 to 1000 mSec in 50 mSec steps.
  • Un-limited number of records storage on Non volatile memory.
  • Date and time tagging with 0.001 Sec resolutions.
  • Automatic Event data upload to PC once in every 24 hrs or on demand *.
  • Post event relay status is automatically appended to the event report.
  • Relay code and 40 character relay tags defined from PC.
  • ESR-100 RTC up dated and synchronized with PC RTC or world time (GPS Radio Clock)
  • Core Techs’ Dedicated PC software, DOMINO on Windows® 98, 2000, ME, XP etc. for Event and Status report generation, storage and Archival.


This feature gives added performance as a plant status logger besides capturing the sequence of events.  
Product ESR-100 is currently under development. This is for advance information only.

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