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We Offer…

Electronics Product design for Process and laboratory instrumentation,
GMP – GLP Guidelines interpretations and compliance for Pharmaceutical Industry related to instrumentation and control.
Plant Automation
And general problem solving in Engineering involving Data Acquisition and Control

With over 50 years of active professional career of  our founder director Dr. M.G.Phadnis in Electronics, our consultancy canvas is indeed very large. Supported by our team of young engineers we offer our expertise in following areas of Electronics and Instrumentation, Control System designs and R&D management and planning.

1 Analog Circuit Designs, We have high level of technical skills in designing Analog front end circuits, power drives and Filters for various industrial and scientific applications.
2 Micro-Processor and Micro-Controller applications embedded Software development.
3 End to end product solution conforming to various regulatory norms and standards.
4 Authentic documentation

Consultancy for Process Control

o We conduct Training of QA and Instrument Engineers in Pharma Cos in Regulatory issues particularly Who norms and US FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11.
o WE provide consultancy in establishing in-house R&D Labs with built in cost control and result audits.
o We provide consultancy in designing of your in-house train programs with syllabi and performance assessment.
o We have expertise in Nuclear Instrumentation, Detectors, Electronics, Photomultiplier applications.
o WE assist in establishing Nano Technology laboratories and Training in operation.

Consultancy for Equipment manufacturers.

We offer our services for new product development, reverse engineering and product technology upgrades, training and manpower development. We also provide peer review of your ongoing projects, Evaluation of project proposals.  Assist your HR in recruitment and performance evaluation and grooming and mentoring leaders in house. We have vast experience in design and implementation of EMI/RFI testing and building immunity into products.

You can benefit from our services in the areas:

o Flow measurement and transmission, Process Industry
o Load / weight measurement and transmission, Packaging machinery manufacturers
o Process Data Logging, Report generation and control, General Industrial requirements
o Design of Bagging machines , pouch filling FFS machines, Batching and in process weighing
o Elaborate Consultancy for Pharmaceutical industry in Instrumentation particularly for Room Mapping, Equipment validation and non-stop data logging and Report Generation for CRO application
o We provide training and management support to Pharma Cos in running their QA Programs
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