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On the left you will see the list of our product categories. You are welcome to browse further, select a category suited to your application. There, you will find a range of products which would serve your purpose. You can down load our product catalog for detailed specifications and features. In case the information content of these pages does not answer your queries, then I would suggest you to fill in your information and a brief about your requirement in the “Pre-sale Support” page of this site, click “send” and we would get back to you as soon as possible to provide more information and to answer your specific queries on the phone or through e-mails.

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However, let me share a word with you about our products and our principles and values which give QUALITY to our products.

While developing a product we maintain our focus on FOUR things

RELIABILITY – Starts with the design stage. We make sure that our designs are reliable, well centered in the operating conditions where the product will be used. WE use high quality components without worrying about cost. We monitor the manufacturing process extremely critically and discard in-process material if found below our standards of quality. Our responsibility on Reliability actually never ends. We follow meticulously with our customers, monitor the behavior of our instrument and use the feed back to improve our products continuously. No wonder, our products are rated as highly reliable by our customers. We have an MTBF (Mean Time Between Failures) in excess of  50,000 hours. 

USER FRIENDLYNESS- While designing our products we focus on the simplicity and ease of operation. As a policy we keep menu structure of programmable instrument always less than three levels deep. We keep the Menu choices to the minimum necessary and keep our messages readable and understandable with ease.

SERVICEABILTIY- All our instruments are designed to be modular so that they can be (if required) serviced or upgraded in the field by the operator. We follow the approach of plug and play, which makes our instruments easy to install and Commission.


last but not the least, AFTER SALES SUPPORT- Our support starts even before the actual sale and never ends for the life of the product. We can afford to provide such a solid support because of the simplicity and reliability of our instruments.

Thanks for your attention,

Dr. M. G. Phadnis

Quick contact +91 22 2513 7202 [email protected]
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