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Products Vali-DAQ for Pharmaceutical Validation


Why struggle with general purpose loggers, when Vali-DAQ can give you a start to end solution for validation of your equipment!

We make Application Specific Data Loggers.

Vali-DAQ 101, 16 or 32 Channel loggers are application specific for limited duration, Cycle based Data Logging. It serves the needs of Validation Service Providers as well as the in-house instrumentation engineers to validate various equipments employed for sterilizations in Pharma industry, hospitals and R&D labs. Vali-DAQ is ideally suited for validation of Dry Heat sterilizers, Steam Sterilizers, Tunnels, Autoclaves, Stability Chambers, bung Sterilizers etc., which call for repetitive short duration   cycle data logging. As a standalone instrument Vali-DAQ satisfies all criteria mandatory under GMP/GLP, 21 CFR and WHO norms. The data logger can print cycle data with Authentication for Audit Trails or can be used with our Report Generation software Vali-DAQ RGS. Needless to stress that Vali-DAQ RGS software is also 21 CFR compliant solution giving you all the reports which you will need for your Audit in tamper resist and track-ability, traceability features.

Vali-DAQ 101 is an improved version of our popular model Vali-DAQ 100. The older Vali-DAQ 100 was configured as 16 pages of 28KB allowing you to conduct up to 16 validation cycles data collection. However it had a limitation that one could conduct cycles of duration of about 15 minutes at 1 second logging interval. By manipulating the logging interval the cycle time could be stretched meaningfully up to 2and ½ hours. However even this was not good for Bung sterilizers. Hence we developed Vali-DAQ 101 that has 4 pages of 128 KB allowing a comfortable 7 to 8 hours log. In addition, the extended memory allows one to use the logger for long duration applications like validation of stability chambers, warehouses etc.
The Software Vali-DAQ RGS generates validation reports in tabular, graphic , bar graph format giving values for Lethality, F0, Fh and Ft in .pdf format all with secure processing.

Please feel free to download the detailed brochure for Vali-DAQ 100/101 for more information.

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