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Our Success Story
Room Mapping Solution for RUSAN Pharma Limited.

Team Core Tech is proud to share with you their recent success story.

In 2013 Rusan entrusted us with the critical requirement of a room mapping system for their 80 room manufacturing facility at Kandla, Gandhidham, Kutchh, Gujarat. Our solution is based on Pharma-LOG data logger, a product carefully designed and developed by us precisely for these types of applications. Our team did the complete engineering design starting with the right choice of RH +T sensor Transmitter, laying and routing cables for 4-20 mA loop with elaborate IQ documentation, sensor cable terminations with data loggers till the last stage of interface with Windows® based Personal computer and commissioning Core Technologies’ proprietary Scan-LOG SCADA software.

Finally Report Generation with Audit Trails and security features mandated by the regulations. Our solution was thoroughly whetted by Senior QA and Engineering managers of RUSAN and was approved in preference over alternate schemes based on wireless communication like Bluetooth, Zigbee and also data transfer over Ethernet and LAN.

Even manual data transport using USB sensors was considered. None of these was considered suitable for the requirements arising out of primary considerations listed below.

- No data loss at all costs;

-Data recovery via multiple redundant paths in the event of power failure or system glitches, and lastly,

-Compliance with regulatory norms and international standards.

Our team worked hard and proved the efficacy of our down to earth approach based on 4-20 mA current loop for base band parameter data transmission, with digitization and data storage in the Pharma-LOG 100/32 data loggers. Six of these loggers were used providing a capacity of 192 channels. Our SCADA software Scan-LOG catered to three data loggers servicing about 80 channels (forty rooms) in their main facility, on one Personal computer screen.

Round the clock data logging, with no loss of data even if the PC is powered off and software feature to retrieve the data missed while the PC was off at the next boot and run of the Scan-LOG, gave the ultimate convenience in operation. System also supported Alarm generation and SMS notifications on Mobile network.

Users are able to check the RH and Temperature values anywhere in the plant from any location in the plant or other sites connected over the corporate LAN. And yet the data is secure and protected as Gold Reserves in Central Banks.  

Users are happy and Auditors are satisfied.

A highly pleased Rusan management has issued us their letter expressing their satisfaction with the total solution and services rendered by Core Technologies. Please open the attachment for your reference.

Detailed technical write up on this project is available on our web site www.coretech.co.in .

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