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Designed for PLC based Dynamic Weighing systems

Series LCA 200

Strain Gauge Load Cell Signal Transmission in PLC based Systems
> Industrial weighing
> Load – Tension measurements
> Dynamic Weighing pouch filling
> Bulk bagging applications
> Weighing and Batching
> Tank weighing
> Belt weighing
> Static weighing etc.

Signal Transmitters Series LCA are modular DIN Rail mounting Amplifiers ideally suited for interfacing with PLCs. Their low noise performance even at high gains makes them ideal choice for precision applications. LCA Series Amplifiers are manufactured with built in analog either 10th or 3rd order Bessel filter with an option of cut off frequencies making them suitable in noise and vibration site conditions. Coarse Gain and Zero adjustments are provided using band switches in monotonically increasing steps.

Their low power design ensures no self heating and careful selection of components that go into its manufacture assure excellent linearity and thermal drift characteristics. LCA Series 200 may be comfortably used up to gains of 5000, although the design permits higher gains. Null balance control is effective up to 100% of the span weight. Gain and balance adjustments are absolutely in dependent.

  • 24 Volt DC operation
  • Coarse Gain and Zero adjustments using 16 position incremental steps.
  • Adjustment of Fine Gain and Null Balance with 20 turns Pots with ± 10% overlap.
  • Tenth-order Analog Bessel Filter for noise rejection in Dynamic Weighing applications*.
  • Choice of cut off frequencies as per the application.
  • Choice of 0 to +10 V or +2.0 to +7.0 Volt or 4-20 mA outputs.
  • DIN Rail mounting, Box packing and PCB module.
  • Easy interface with PLC hardware.
  • Excellent Gain and Zero Temperature performance.
    POWER SUPPLY 24 V DC ± 25%
    THERMAL DRIFT < 0.05% FS at Gain 5000
    NOISE(1) < 1.0 µV RMS, FOR 5 Hz BW
    FULL SCALE O/P 0 TO +10 V /+2.0 TO 7.0V or 4-20 MA
    INPUT RANGE 1.0 TO 30 mV recommended.
    DIMENSIONS 72 (W), 135(L), 40 (H),mm.
    Noise Referred at input as per DIN Standard, CE compliance, RoHS Compliant
    All products manufactured by Core Technologies are the result of 100% indigenous R&D. Specifications subject to change as the result of constant product improvements. Warranty 12 months (T&C apply) In the service of Nation Since 1988
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